NGW British Wrestling Weekly Season 3 Episode 3
By Dave Adamson
Posted On 19-06-2016 13:18 GMT
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This week’s NGW British Wrestling Weekly sees a main event involved Stixx & Colossus Kennedy issue an open challenge for the NGW Tag Team Championship, but first we get a new feature on British Wrestling Weekly featuring WrestleTalk TV’s Francesca Wood as she’s joined by Alex Shane and Oli Davis to discuss recent events - in particular the controversial count-out victory for Rampage Brown.

There’s been plenty of discussion online about the end of the three-way contest between Nathan Cruz, Zack Gibson and Rampage Brown, which saw Brown victorious but the NGW Undisputed Heavyweight Championship remain in the hands of the Showstealer Nathan Cruz. Gibson and Cruz explain their outrage at the way events transpired, a battle of egos that is far from over.

On one side of the argument, disappointed at a count-out victory in a triple threat, is Oli Davis, whilst Alex Shane contends that the match was advertised as a “three corners” match and not subject to triple threat rules. It’s an interesting discussion, with all three covering Lynskey’s refereeing and the decisions he made in the “three corners” match and the subsequent match shown on British Wrestling Weekly which saw Sami Callihan collide with Mark Haskins in a match that was shocking for its all-out intensity.

A great little feature that could have been much longer - hopefully, as the series proceeds, we’ll see more of Wood, Davis and Shane as they discuss the on-screen action.


NGW Tag Team Championship Open Challenge

Stixx and Colossus have held the NGW Tag Team Championship as Britain’s Biggest Tag Team since wresting the titles out of the hands of The London Riots in controversial fashion.

In an attempt to ignite the fire under the NGW Tag Team division, they’ve issued an open challenge to any tag team in the United Kingdom and it’s answered by…

Lionheart and Kid Fite!

Last seen as part of Team England vs Team Scotland, Lionheart and Kid Fite were a thorn in the side of NGW’s finest. Whilst they give up much in the weight and size stakes to Stixx & Colossus, there’s no doubt that they’re a dangerous pairing.

As if things weren’t unbalanced enough, the appearance of Joe Hendry highlights the weight advantage of Britain’s Biggest Tag Team and inserting himself into proceedings to balance the scales, as it were. It’s Stixx who accepts the challenge and we have a three-on-two match for the NGW Tag Team Championship.

With the beating that Stixx takes from all three members of the Scottish contingent, it’s a saving grace when he’s able to tag in the powerhouse Colossus, allowing Stixx to regroup and refocus.

Craig Anderson has his work cut out for him as he has to control the chaos, with Hendry, Lionheart and Fite using every trick in their extensive book to take advantage of the tag team champions and it quickly becomes clear that Stixx & Colossus have underestimated his opponents.

Guile, arrogance and intelligence eventually win out and NGW have new tag team champions in the form of three of the finest wrestlers to hail from Scotland, christened The Insane Fight Club by Alex Shane on commentary. It’s a startling moment when, just as viewers will be considering the possibilities, Joe Hendry warns that they’re all off to Scotland with no intention of returning!

To finish this episode, we get a recap of the GenX Champion Bubblegum’s contentious stewardship of the GenX Trophy, followed by the return of Francesca Wood as she quizzes Alex Shane and Oli Davis about the tag team title change and what the Insane Fight Club can mean to NGW and the GenX League. We then get a look at the recent NGW Undisputed Championship match between Nathan Cruz as his best friend The Amazing Matt Myers. Myers talks about British Wrestling Weekly with passion before talking about the GenX League and his quest for the glory.

With Francesca Wood’s segment bookending the show, British Wrestling Weekly continues its evolution as it gains exposure on local television, What Culture via YouTube and around the world on Fight Network.

Tags: British Wrestling, British Wrestling Weekly, BWW, New Generation Wrestling, NGW, Stixx, Colossus Kennedy, Lionheart, Kid Fite,

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