British Wrestling Weekly Season 3 Episode 1
By Dave Adamson
Posted On 05-06-2016 17:06 GMT
Tags: British Wrestling, British Wrestling Weekly, BWW, New Generation Wrestling, NGW, Zack Gibson, Rampage Brown, Nathan Cruz

British Wrestling Weekly returns with its third season, available on local television channels across the country, through the Fight Network around the world, through a collaboration with the ever-popular What Culture YouTube Channel and the WrestlePlus service.

Such exposure hasn’t resulted in NGW British Wrestling Weekly resting on its laurels - it’s stepped up to the challenge in style, with a new look, incredible video quality (if you’re watching this in “standard definition”, you’re missing out) and the best of British wrestling today!

Nathan Cruz vs Zack Gibson vs Rampage Brown: The NGW Undisputed Championship Match.

With Cruz, Gibson, Richie West and Caz Crash, both on behalf of Rampage Brown, reflecting on the path that has brought all three men to this showdown, this is powder keg that’s about to explode. The rivalry between Nathan Cruz and Zack Gibson is much storied as both try to establish themselves as the premier talent in the UK today, whilst Brown has made it quite clear that he is the heir apparent for the NGW Undisputed Championship.

The intensity of all three contenders, as they come from backstage to the ring, bursts from the screen in beautiful, high quality, high definition. All three men are on a quest to shatter bodies and break spirits, and it’s all captured with such clarity that it’s pretty much like being there!

As all three collide, there’s moments of camaraderie between Gibson and Cruz that evaporate just as quickly as Brown delivers his devastating blows. It’s a three-way in the truest sense, with all men questing to dominate, with the fans divided between Gibson and Cruz.

From start to finish, all three men deliver non-stop, hard hitting, high impact action - a brutal war of styles and mindsets that is as much about score-settling as it is about the championship. When frustration wells over, all three throw caution to the ring - a powerbomb assisted Samoan drop, a double submission attempt, bodies sent flying and interference from the other members of The Control, all threaten to topple the champion, with Steve Lynskey barely maintaining control, though it’s much easier when members of the NGW locker room come to balance things out.

With bodies everywhere, and Lynskey counting, the victory comes by countout… however, championships can only change hands by pinfall or submission. A raw victory for one man, a mark in the loss column for the champion - in the final moments, we see that this far from over and the stakes are set even higher as West and Cruz, both consumed by hubris, agree that The Control will face Team NGW, with the championship on the line and the disbandment of The Control at stake.


For the first time, we get a two man commentary booth and it’s an electric combination, with Dave Bradshaw joining Alex Shane on commentary duties. They complement each other very well, both bringing considerable wrestling knowledge to proceedings, whilst calling the action in the ring - no longer does Alex Shane have to handle it all single-handedly.

Next week: Sami Callihan vs Mark Haskins - a contest between two of the fiercest, hardest hitting and innovative men on the independent wrestling scene today.

A storming start to season three that shows British wrestling at its finest to a global audience. Hopefully, as Sami Callihan points out, with all eyes on British wrestling, the worldwide exposure will pique interest in British wrestling on an international scale - things are certainly looking up and NGW British Wrestling Weekly is the perfect gateway.

Tags: British Wrestling, British Wrestling Weekly, BWW, New Generation Wrestling, NGW, Zack Gibson, Rampage Brown, Nathan Cruz




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