Brothers of Destruction: Greatest Matches DVD Review
By Ben Spindler
Posted On 08-09-2014 10:14 GMT
Tags: WWE, Undertaker, Kane, DDP, Kanyon, Edge, Christian

With no reason in particular to spotlight The Undertaker and Kane at this point (and particularly as a tag team) WWE’s most recent release, ‘Brothers of Destruction: Greatest Matches’ is oddly timed- had the storyline brothers recently hooked up again for one last run as a team, then it might be understandable, but right now the two are as far apart from each other as they could possibly be whilst still working for the same company.

While it is also tempting (based purely on WWE’s insistence that the pair were a legendary tag team) to see The Brothers of Destruction as one of the most important tag teams in history, the truth is that there have been many more tag teams worthy of a specific career retrospective than Undertaker & Kane- hell I’m sure there are people crying out for a Shield release right now.

This is a straight collection of 7 matches featuring the Brothers of Destruction in tag competition; the first 4 take place during 2001’s Invasion angle and the other 3, during their reunion in 2006. All the matches featured are from Raw and Smackdown bar one- their 10 minute Summer Slam cage match squash of DDP and Kanyon. This was a disappointing match at the time, and though the context of how selfish the squash was seen at the time is lost here, it’s still only mildly amusing.

The first two matches feature the brothers facing off against fellow storyline tag brothers Edge & Christian and The Dudley Boyz. Both of these matches are perfectly fine for what they are however, the big issue is that they represent the best of what is on show here- and they are not nearly good enough to carry the set on their own.

The Brothers of Destruction’s match with Sean O’Haire and Chuck Palumbo is completely throwaway. This one is for the WCW Tag Team Titles, belts that meant very little at the time given their position on such a nothing team, and mean even less today seeing as the belts haven’t been part of WWE’s programming since later that year.

During the ‘Five Year’s Later’ portion of the disc, we see Undertaker & Kane battle it out with Mr Anderson and MVP in another contest where the heels stood absolutely no chance of winning, likewise the contest with John Morrison & The Miz.

The only other match on this collection is Undertaker & Kane against Mark Henry & Big Daddy V, and though not the absolute stinker it has the potential to be, it’s certainly not going to be winning any match quality awards.

Superstar spotlight DVDs such as these have to be of the upmost quality to deliver given that you have to sit through matches involving the same people, with the same theme music (once for their entrance, and usually once for the victory) and same moves and mannerisms again and again. This however doesn’t manage it, or really even come close to doing so.

With no links or connections made between the matches, nothing new in the way of commentary from the two men, no matches of true consequence or quality and no reason in the first place for this set to have been released, this is well below the standard WWE are capable of. One for only the biggest Undertaker and Kane fans.

Rating: 1.5 out of 5

Tags: WWE, Undertaker, Kane, DDP, Kanyon, Edge, Christian




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