GFW Impact Report 8th September 2017
By Marcus Green
Posted On 09-09-2017 09:27 GMT
Tags: GFW, Impact Wrestling

Trevor Lee & Caleb Konley vs. Sonjay Dutt & Petey Williams

Dutt hits a hurricanrana on Konley before tagging Williams. He hits a side Russian legsweep, Lee tags in but Williams takes out both. Dutt chases Lee up the ramp but Lee takes advantage back inside. Dutt hits an aided Sliced Bread on Konley. Lee hangs in a tree of woe and German suplexes Williams.

Dutt finally tags back in and takes out Lee with a kick into a tornado ddt on Konley. He avoids Dutt’s diving double stomp. Lee follows a Konley back hand to Dutt with a forearm before Konley plants him with a bridging capture back suplex. Williams breaks up a cover and takes out Lee. He hits Konley with the Canadian Destroyer, and Dutt follows with a diving splash to get the pinfall.

Winner: Sonjay Dutt & Petey Williams

LAX vs. John Bolen & Zachary Wentz

Santana quickly stuns Wentz with a boot and Konnan and Diamante attack him outside. Bolen enters but is quickly double teamed. They nail Bolen with a nasty double team in the corner and then throw Wentz into Bolen. LAX hit the Street Sweeper for the win.

Winner: LAX

oVe hit the stage and stake their claim to being the best tag team and want to prove it by taking the GFW tag titles. Konnan accepts on the condition that the match take place in the Crash promotion in Tijuana, Mexico. oVe accepts.

Sienna vs. Taryn Terrell vs. Gail Kim & Allie

Kim goes right after Terrell but has to contend with Sienna, who she hits with a neckbreaker. Sienna counters a facebuster and drops Kim on the top rope. Sienna hits a samoan drop and tags out. Terrell takes advantage only to tag out immediately. Kim finally tags out and Allie takes down Sienna with a series of offense. Sienna rolls through on an Allie crossbody and takes the pinfall.

Winners: Sienna & Tarn Terrell

Rosemary makes the save for Kim and Allie, but Sienna and Terrell get the upper hand. Taya Valkayrie makes her entrance into the Impact Zone and then proceeds to attack Rosemary.

Jim Cornette hits the ring and Johnny Impact joins him. Johnny wants the winner of Eli Drake and Matt Sydal for a title match. Low-Ki leads LAX to the ring. A heated exchange between Low-Ki and Impact sees a brawl ensue.

Footage is shown of GFW’s time down in Mexico for AAA’s TripleMania.

Eli Drake (c) w/Chris Adonis vs. Matt Sydal – GFW Championship

Drake has a show of confidence with a shoulder tackle. Sydal comes back with arm drags and a quick roll-up. Sydal loosens the hamstrings with some kicks. Drake catches him coming off the second rope and rams him into the corner. Sydal takes out Adonis, but Drake pops him up and hits a reverse Skylord Slam. Drake knocks Sydal to the outside. Drake plants him and hits a jumping elbow for two. Drake hangs him up on the bottom rope. Sydal reverses outside and sends Drake into the ringpost. Drake pokes him in the eyes before coming back inside for another near fall on a neckbreaker.

Sydal avoids a knee drop and hits a back body drop. Sydal connects with a series of kicks and then a standing moonsault for two. Sydal takes him off the second rope with a hurricanrana. Adonis pulls a distraction with a chair as Drake grabs the title. Sydal avoids a shot and nails high knee for another near fall. Adonis distracts the referee and Drake hits Sydal with the title before hitting the Gravy Train to retain.

Winner: Eli Drake

Tags: GFW, Impact Wrestling




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