WWE & The Unstoppable NXT Paradox
By Andreas Georgiou
Posted On 23-05-2015 11:44 GMT
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“With great power comes great responsibility” that famous quote resonates now more than ever with your friendly neighbourhood World Wrestling Entertainment as NXT continues to provide more questions than it answers for WWE management.

NXT and WWE have become paradoxical. A paradox is quite simply, two things that in our respective reality, cannot both exist. Although both apparently sound in their complexities, are totally illogical.

The Orlando based show presents itself as its own promotion and despite being considered a feeder show for WWE flagships Raw and Smackdown it is completely separate in acknowledgement.

NXT Unstoppable; as predicted by many, was a fantastic wrestling show. The monthly WWE-NXT live shows are proving to be pivotal in the success of the promotion, and is key in helping to build and culminate feuds with a greater feeling of importance.

Tag team wrestling, female prominence, and a world title that is ironically one of the most prestigious in the WWE. NXT continues to deliver with top notch encounters across the board with its extremely talented roster, which has the correct balance of gimmicks, ability and charisma.

Nothing; well not much, was resolved at Unstoppable, and storylines continued to progress.

Enzo Amore and Big Cass continued to prove they are one of the most refreshing tag teams in wrestling, and the women division’s Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch showed they are definitely future big time players.

We still have unfinished business between Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens, with the champion yet to get a clean win over his nemesis.

Oh, and let’s not forget about the notable introduction of Samoa Joe.

The Samoa Joe factor is again another interesting point to the paradox. He debuted as his long guised gimmick. In the past, every independent wrestler that has debuted has been re-packaged. So why not Joe?

Well, there are a couple of factors. Firstly, rumours state Joe is signed to NXT and NOT WWE. Yep, you heard that right. The paradox continues. Wrestlers can now sign to NXT as a singular promotion.

The other being Joe’s former employers TNA, has been based in Orlando since 2004, television wise anyway. Samoa Joe already has a fan base.

Similar to the likes of Rhyno, The Brian Kendrick and now, Joe, NXT’s self-preservation as its own independent company couldn’t ring truer.

Wrestlers wrestle and act as if winning and becoming the NXT champion; at this moment in time, is the biggest thing they can achieve. This is further defined through Owens’s altercation with John Cena on the recent episode of Raw where he trampled the United Stated championship.

So, the reason why that’s paradoxical is despite it being presented that way, we know exactly that the likes of Finn Balor, Zayn, Banks and NXT Champion Owens are being primed for their main roster call ups.

Marketing wise, it seems to be presented as us vs. them, with the two rosters acting almost as if they are two rival promotions from a time of peace and co-existence, reminiscing the regional promotions of the 70s and 80s who often crossed over, pitting their champions against one and other rings a bell.

Thus, as NXT continues to grow, it holds a double edged sword to the WWE’s throat. At current moment, the brand is the number one “indy” style company out there, whereas a couple years ago wrestlers from the circuit saw going through development as a tiresome task, it has become much the opposite.

Now, NXT is realistically where any independent wrestler should want to be, because it’s just that damn good.  

However, the promotion’s growth, and continual success as one of the WWE’s top Network draws, alongside its huge online popularity, mixed with logical booking that makes it such a threat to main stream WWE programming.

As long as NXT (under the lead of HHH) continues to churn out match after match, of the year, and puts on matches we all want to see; so help me god, Kevin Owens vs. Samoa Joe makes me cry overdue tears of benevolence. Then the WWE has a major problem on its hands.

Already the cries of “NXT is the best thing in wrestling right now” drown out the currently dull and over-done storylines presented under Monday and Thursday’s bright lights. Should that continue fans must be forced to ask why exactly that kind of product cannot be presented in the main stream, because in-line with current trends, it’s poignantly best for business.

To finish the equation, NXT may be the paradox, but the WWE should continue to make it a reality. Wrestling has changed, and the future may already have been uncovered. 

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