WWE NXT Talking Points - TakeOver: Unstoppable
By Brendan Kennelly
Posted On 23-05-2015 11:32 GMT
Tags: WWE, NXT, Samoa Joe, Kevin Owens

As each NXT Takeover Special airs they get more and more special. The latest NXT special Unstoppable had it all from the naming of a new #1 Contender for the NXT Championship to a fierce title match between two former best friends turned bitterest of enemies and even a surprise appearance by the newest member of the NXT roster.

Finn Bálor vs. Tyler Breeze

This match was supposed to be a triple threat match but the way in which the injured Hideo Itami was taken out was well done as he was attacked hours before the event so the match went on without him and we were treated to quite an immense match and this match had some amazing spots. Finn Bálor sporting an even scarier demonic look took the fight to “Prince Pretty”. We were treated to a breath-taking and death defying leap from Bálor off the entrance ramp.

Bálor then hit the infamous Coup De Grace to get the victory and NXT Champ Kevin Owens was watching the match on a monitor probably scouting his future challenger ahead of his match later on in the night. The interesting thing now is,can Bálor take advantage of this opportunity having come so close to championship glory before or is Bálor going to drop short in his quest to become NXT Champion? Only time will tell if the enigmatic Irish superstar can reach the NXT mountain top.

Bayley & Charlotte vs. Emma & Dana Brooke

This match was a fairly quick match that had a good ending as the ever bubbly Bayley took Dana Brooke out of the match leaving Charlotte to take out Emma with the natural selection to get the pinfall victory. The one thing I found odd about this match was the way in which the match was booked as the well-established face team of Charlotte and Bayley picked up the victory over the heel team of Emma and Dana Brooke. I feel that Dana Brooke’s power was underutilized in the match as she looked utterly dominant against her opponents to this point and the first time she takes on established divas she loses and this undermines the whole character of Dana Brooke.

However despite this loss many believe that Dana Brooke can still become a competent heel in the ranks of the NXT divas and she has the potential to be a really dominant NXT Woman’s Champion while Emma is trying to resurrect her career after the horrible year she had last year.

Baron Corbin vs. Rhyno

In what was the only downside to what was a fantastic event this match was just too slow for the NXT Universe’s liking but with the two superstars in the ring this was always going to be a knockdown and dragged out brawl. The ending of this match was ok as Rhyno attempted the Gore but Corbin dodged the proverbial bullet as he hit a clothesline and then the End of Days to get the victory. The right guy won this match but the selling in this match looked like the match had been on for a long time but the match had not be going too long and with the fact that most of Corbin’s victories had been “squash” victories over some of the lesser known talents on the NXT roster many feel that he needed a victory over a more well-known opponent.

 It is now crucial that Baron Corbin begins to feud with some of the bigger names on the roster like Bálor, Zayn & Owens so that he can solidify his development and to get the NXT Universe behind him.

Blake & Murphy vs. Amore & Cassidy

Blake and Murphy took on Enzo Amore and Colin Cassidy in what was a decent tag team match in which we saw the NXT Tag Team Champions take the challengers to Wrestling 101 as the champions isolated the smaller Amore and this frustrated the larger Cassidy who was forced to watch on the apron as Blake and Murphy did well to keep Amore to their side of the ring but Amore found a way to get Big Cass into the match and all hell broke loose as Cassidy unleashed big splashes and big boots and the challengers looked as if they were on the way to a huge victory only for Alexa Bliss to come down to ringside and attack Carmella and she pushed Amore from the top rope to give the champions an underhanded victory.

This match could have been better without the interference from Bliss as she has aligned herself with the heels despite being a face herself. I think that the better option for this match would have been to have Carmella turn on Amore and Cassidy. Despite this the overall match was a good quality tag team match and surely this feud is far from done.

Sasha Banks vs. Becky Lynch

The NXT divas always seem to put on such a good show and this match between the NXT Woman’s Champion Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch was no different. The champion wrestled clever as she targeted the arm of the challenger and this would ultimately prove to be Lynch’s undoing. Lynch tried to muster some offence but only having one arm the offence bore no fruit. Banks that locked in the Bank Statement with the injured arm and Lynch had no choice but to tap.

Sasha Banks is the best and most consistent diva in NXT currently but you cannot take anything away from the challenger Becky Lynch who showed tremendous heart to battle through the pain barrier and nearly wrestled the NXT Woman’s title away from “The Boss”.

Kevin Owens vs. Sami Zayn

The main event saw the NXT Championship up for grabs as reigning and defending champion Kevin Owens took on Sami Zayn and this match totally lived up to the billing. Kevin Owens made a statement to the man he faces at Elimination Chamber John Cena as he wore a John Cena t-shirt which was a good way to hype up the match at Elimination Chamber. Kevin Owens promised that he would destroy Sami Zayn and this is exactly what happened in this violent and brutal match. The way in which this match ended was immaculate as Kevin Owens nearly beat Zayn within an inch of his life only for doctors and even NXT General Manager William Regal who was headbutted by Owens for his troubles.

Owens then proceeded to look “Unstoppable” that was until SAMOA JOE appeared and made his way down to the ring to confront the NXT Champion and Joe got in the face of Kevin Owens. Joe made an emphatic statement as he declared “I am Samoa Joe, I am pro-wrestling and I am here”. This not only put Kevin Owens on notice it put the entire NXT roster on notice.

Tags: WWE, NXT, Samoa Joe, Kevin Owens

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