Impact Talking Points 17th November 2017
By Marcus Green
Posted On 19-11-2017 02:37 GMT
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James Storm defends professional wrestling

It was a good move to follow the steel cage match at Bound For Glory with Dan Lambert getting back to the root of the issue for most of the tensions leading to the match in getting Bobby Lashley his release. Whether it actually happens or otherwise this points out consistency which tends to be few and far in between as I’ve pointed out several times. His rant on Canada was not his best time on the microphone but it worked here. I have no idea why Moose actually thought Lambert came alone when pack mentality has been American Top Team’s way from day one. However, James Storm cleaned house in classic Cowboy fashion. Couple that with a great and passionate speech that almost felt like a goodbye at certain points.

And while this was a great counterpoint to Lambert’s point of view, this segment in general represents what we’ve seen for Storm for a while now. Out of the title scene, not really in a feud of any importance and really just a true defender of the company as one of the last remaining originals when he’s needed. It’s cool but Storm can and should be doing more, but for now he’s certainly quality support for Moose who was down one Stephan Bonnar.

KM wants in American Top Team

The cousin of Sienna appears to be done playing in the background and making it a point to people that he’s being honest. While KM has had his entertaining from the time we first saw him which wore out quick, KM has seemingly been a loud mouth back up for Sienna who herself could’ve benefitted more from him being around less for me. His singles matches have been scarce and even still we have not had a reason to care besides his connection to Sienna wo seeing him having his own motivations is refreshing and will hopefully lead to something interesting for him long term.

Gail Kim takes her final bow

Nothing lasts forever, especially in the world of wrestling. There’s so much that can be said about Gail Kim and most of it would be good things because she’s been a standard for women in wrestling and by all accounts appears to be a genuine good person as well. She has been a pillar in the Knockouts Division from its birth and has proudly carried the torch at the top of it through all the trials and tribulations the company has experienced. And while her last run may not be the most memorable thing we’ve ever seen, her match at Bound For Glory was one of the better of the show and she emerged victorious, going out on top as a result. Kim has earned ever single bit of praise, admiration and accolade she’s received and while this leaves a huge gap in the division it also creates a big opportunity. Now Sienna, Allie, Rosemary, Taya Valkyrie upon her return and other can turn up the volume and put their definitive stamp on the division and only building upon the legacy the great Gail Kim leaves behind.

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