Impact Talking Points 10th November 2017
By Marcus Green
Posted On 11-11-2017 02:28 GMT
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Still the defiant one

Despite finally reaching the top of the company and being in the main event of its biggest show of the year, which turned into a big disappointment, Eli Drake somehow even when they try and knock the spotlight off of him till manages to grab the microphone and remind us why he’s champion in the first place. After Sunday’s debacle of a finish that soured a perfectly good main event match the champ needed to be the first one out and address stuff to get some kind of momentum back behind him. Chris Adonis was just there fulfilling no real purpose other than taking up space.

Petey Williams seemed like a logical answer for Drake’s Canada taunt and while a great opponent for “The Namer of Dummies”, Williams like a Matt Sydal needs to be more consistent in terms of title direction because going back and forth from challenging for the X-Division and then Global Championship makes things feel disjointed as Trevor Lee seems to be the only one with laser focus on the X-Division title.

EC3 gives Matt Sydal food for thought

Ethan Carter III came out of Bound For Glory victorious alongside Team Impact but other than the build up to that show which included his varying tensions with James Storm(which ow appear to be water under the bridge) the Impact Grand Champion has not exactly felt like a key player as of late. He’s a talent that could very well elevate the Grand Championship but the booking for the title overall has seemed tentative at best despite some solid bouts. Without a solid feud for it or at least consistent defenses, the title is easy to forget until one actually sees it around the holders waist and considering it took the place of a multi named yet forgettable title in its own right, neglect is the last thing it needs. Sydal, another name who could use some consistent direction as well could be a start for n intriguing feud.

oVe expands

One of the surprises teased for Bound For Glory came in the form of a debuting Sami Callihan who came to the aid of his oVe family to help them retain against a very game LAX. The match itself was good for was it was but deserved more time considering the fact that it was a 5150 Street Fight. Callihan evens the numbers and while little explanation for the connection beside a mention or two he’s more than capable inside the ropes and as a result will force Homicide back into action on a more regular basis depending on how long this lasts. And with six man tag set for next week, given the time and creative allowance that street fight could very well get topped.

Impact and Patron go to war

One of the reasons why Bound For Glory was such a disappointment had to do with the fact that Alberto El Patron was there. He had his time with the company but after some unfortunate outside affairs it was best that he and the company parted ways. Despite him being a big name for some, I’ve never connected to him in any way and whenit comes down to it he is likely taking up funds and a spot that some other deserving talent that is Impact’s own could be using. Instead he’s now a man on the warpath and Johnny Impact showed he was not the man to be messed over. If Patron has to be on my television at least he and Impact provided some cool vision during their brawl and while they proved already they can have a really good match, Impact is the one that should come out on top, but judging by how much they want to feature Patron I’m not going to hold my breath on that.

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