GFW Talking Points 20th October 2017
By Marcus Green
Posted On 21-10-2017 06:46 GMT
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Grado signs on the dotted line of doom

The jokes, laughs, and fun and games were done for a fired up Grado as he commanded the audience and put his employer on trial inside the six sided ring. Of all the time Grado has been in Impact with a slew of antics and such, this may have been the most entertained and better yet impressed I’ve been by him. And oddly enough it’s because of all those previous antics on top of these recent employment segments that gave this segment such an impact(pun intended).

Grado’s always been the goof ball that can have serious moments when properly motivated, and there’s no greater motivation for pure outrage than messing with a man’s money. Similar can be said for the easy going, light hearted yet business savvy brother of Abyss in Park, who like Grado has shown sparks of seriousness over the years. These two personalities clashed this week in their best exchange to date. And to top it off, we got one last swindle by Park in the fine print before we got what possibly could be our first time witnessing Park tapping into “The Monster” outright without any tricks and it was great. Much like when he got his first check weeks ago, Grado’s face said more than his mouth ever could with the revelation of his hasty actions foretelling of his insured demise. James Mitchell is the cherry on top to any proper Abyss storyline.

Pride comes before the fall

With everything brewing between Impact Wrestling and AAA lately you would think that James Storm and EC3 would find a way to find some common ground at least until this feud gets settled. Ironically the good thing here is that the tensions between them were not just thrown to the wayside, like EC3 didn’t put Storm on the shelf. Not always, but sometimes inherit animosity with guys will get glossed over in order to service sudden plot threads, so it’s refreshing to see that’s not the case here. However, it will be interesting to see not only how these two find said temporary common ground but also finish the remaining business as Strom is not one to forget and is certainly done taking the backseat to anyone especially EC3.

The cult of Lee

Besides my minor rant last week about Dezmond Xavier getting the background treatment post his Super X Cup win, this sudden alliance between Trevor Lee, Caleb Konley and Andrew Everett has been one of if not the most confusing and random things in the X-Division recently. Lee should be a primary target for every single star in said division and yet he’s somehow found a way to turn a lost Konley(who has been hot and cold since he debuted) and then his former best friend turned rival in Everett to his “teachings” with the ridiculous slogan, “We Are Trevor”. Oh, and all of them are from North Carolina so obviously other than Lee’s brainwashing that point alone justifies this union. At least Xavier got some much needed action this week and more importantly a victory. When he will get his rightful title shot is anyone’s guess as the handling of this ‘Cult of Lee’ leaves little faith for potential future possibilities.

Dan Lambert’s ironic revenge

For weeks American Top Team bored and then just plain annoyed me with their constant presence and interference on a shows that would have been far better highlighting the talent in which had to take backseats to said team. This was one feud I could not wait to see end, and then last week Moose and Stephan Bonnar stole the show with a theft segment. Fast forward to this week and something happen that took me by surprise and that was Dan Lambert actually made me pay attention to him in the form of an impressive wrestling history lesion on top of just some of an even more impressive collection. A man who has seemingly ben spitting in the face of a business to put over his own has been one of the biggest benefactors of the influence of said business from a fans perspective is quite interesting and Lambert’s promo delivered. As a result the match at Bound for Glory has now become far more interesting as well.

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