GFW Talking Points 13th October 2017
By Marcus Green
Posted On 15-10-2017 06:09 GMT
Tags: GFW, Impact Wrestling

oVe learn the meaning of 5150

I said last week after a potential implosion of LAX that they would be sending a message to oVe ahead of their rematch and they did just that and then some. I commend oVe for making a smart play by bringing chairs to even the odds but they ended up looking as bad if not worse than Moose’s arrogant play with American Top Team, as they had a clear equalizer and just discarded it which got them laid out LAX style. Not a bad way to start the show for sure. However, hopefully this will be a valuable lesson for them before Bound for Glory because LAX went to war with Decay and won so what we got here was just a taste of what they are capable of. If oVe want to retain those tag titles they are going to have to get tougher and smarter to overcome these odds.

Dezmond Xavier resurfaces

Aside from a blink and you missed it backstage segment weeks ago, there’s practically been a missing person report out for Dezmond Xavier ever since he won the Super X Cup. It’s not like we haven’t seen consistent X-Division action but Dezmond the guy who should be getting as much television time as anyone is the person in the division getting the least. We recently has Petey Williams, Sonjay Dutt and Matt Sydal all be very vocal about why they deserve a shot at Trevor Lee, so much so that they ended up in a shouting match in Jim Cornette’s office.

And yet Xavier, the one man who fought and earned a legitimate shot at the X-Division title in a tournament no less that he won back in August for crying out loud but since has been an afterthought. He should have been the first guy on the mic making his rightful claim. Instead he at least returned but in a way thrown in a six man to contrast Konley who he’s had little to no interactions with. Sidelining a superb talent like Xavier and ignoring simple continuity does the performers no favors and makes things like the Super X Cup pointless.

Grado’s dream turning into a nightmare

For the past few week’s had the opportunity to witness Grado’s journey with Joseph Park’s “agency” but this week was the first time when it clicked for him as we knew the minute Park handed him a less then worthy paycheck weeks ago. Park has been using Grado to get on the high life which he put on full display. Will Grado put pride and self-respect ahead of his future and stand up to the man who has stood by him and saved him from being deported?  Grado has been great with these segments but it will be interesting to see where this goes as his stint with Laurel Van Ness was poor to say the least.

Rosemary beaten at her own game

With the Knockouts Championship match already announced for BFG, there was no way that two top names like Rosemary and Taya Valkyrie would be left out in the cold. And while I would prefer to see them in title contention they have unfinished business, which sometimes gets overshadowed or ignored completely so it fits. Valkyrie misting Rosemary was definitely unexpected but this only adds another layer to her growing character and history has shown that one of the few ways to potentially beat Rosemary is to play her game perhaps even better than she can. We’ve seen it from The Wolves and others. Valkyrie is two up on Rosemary counting this meeting and of course her attack upon her debut. Despite Valkyrie have mostly squash matches and eve Rosemary this week in record time this is a match to look forward to.

Tags: GFW, Impact Wrestling




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