GFW Talking Points 29th September 2017
By Marcus Green
Posted On 30-09-2017 23:19 GMT
Tags: GFW, Impact

The enemy of my enemy……is my tag partner

Nothing brings former foes together like common enemies and even with all the bad blood between EC3 and James Storm, invaders or “welcome guests” via AAA have brought together an interesting duo to say the least. Fantasma and Texano are super talented and along with EC3 and Storm can deliver a really entertaining contest. And who’s to say this brief alliance between Storm and EC3 will hold? Now obviously Pagano and Eddie Edwards were nowhere to be found this week so it will be interesting seeing how they fit themselves back into this puzzle which should not be hard, but hopefully this brand war can led to something, as bragging rights seems outdated.

Trevor Lee overcomes the Canadian Destroyer

Petey Williams absolutely brought his top game, showing that age, experience and technique make for a lethal combination and proves why he’s been at a high level for so long. Unfortunately when you’re as talented as you are “off your rocker” to say the least as Trevor Lee, on top of having constant back-up in a Caleb Konley, one way or the other the odds will fall in your favor. While his motivations are still not fully fleshed out, the irony that Konley is getting more television time being somewhat of a lackey instead of a title contender himself should not be lost on fans. Could he have a long-term plan of gaining Lee’s trust in order to get closer to the X-Division title? History has shown guys to not be that smart unfortunately more often than not, so I won’t hold my breath. But as good as the match was, Lee and Williams need to have another bout. And can we please get Dezmond Xavier his X-Cup title shot before people forget he’s even on the roster?!

oVe knocks off LAX

The “ovaries” as Konnan likes to refer to oVe as showed up and delivered on their promise to knock LAX off their perch. LAX have ran rough shot in more ways than one for a while now and as obscure as they may seem, Dave and Jake Crist are a great pair to be the ones to finally overcome the odds and defeat LAX. Much like LAX, oVe have a unique aura, one not as overt but enough where they stand out and are clearly not to be taken likely. With other similarities in terms of depth in double team moves, these two teams can easily have a show stealing title series, nowhere near as classic as Beer Money/MCMG years ago but solid enough for where things are now.

Victory Road to bedlam

I never thought I’d ever willingly use a term from Josh Mathews but when a show that was quite entertaining up until the very end, it seemed appropriate. Barring the shenanigans throughout the main event which are to be somewhat expected with Eli Drake and Chris Adonis, following a really good match with random and unnecessary chaos put a serious sour note on this show. We expect these television ppv type event to deliver more than the weekly product but also payoff the buildup from those shows.

I’ve beat the “Impact referees are treated like punching bags” argument to death so there. But of all people to come to the aid of Johnny Impact, Garza Jr.? Before Impact came out for his match he had a cool interaction backstage with the new tag champions, oVe who sent LAX into a near frenzy after their victory. oVe coming out for Impact would have made perfect sense to follow up that interaction as well as leave an instant opening for LAX to attack the guys that just beat them. Instead LAX decided to take the place of American Top Team this week made them look more volatile than needed. And with Drake and Adonis just flying off the hinges actually took away from his impressive retention. If you are going for shock value, leave your audience actually shocked and not confused or worse just disappointed.

Tags: GFW, Impact




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