GFW Talking Points 22nd September 2017
By Marcus Green
Posted On 23-09-2017 05:06 GMT
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Knockouts draw the line

It is a quite interesting situation we find the ever bold Knockouts in ahead of Victory Road. Since her very first step inside the Impact Zone, Taya Valkyrie has been anything but reserved when it’s come to her goals, concretely stated this week, and the take no prisoners attitude she will go to attain them. However her dominance is causing a much needed stir as “The Demon Assassin” rightfully reminded her of the pecking order, one in which Rosemary has a rematch due with as she so eloquently refers to the Knockouts Champion, “She Skunk”.

A proper meeting between Rosemary and Valkryie was usurped by Sienna, who has somewhat fell to the background. The ensuing brawl gave the hyped fans a taste of things to come. Of all six women, the odd couple out seem to be Taryn Terrell and Allie. Everyone’s lovable blonde is fitting in where she can, giving aid to her friends, most times ending in a beatdown. While Terrell has her sights on Gail Kim, who continues to send her running like a scalded dog(got to love Jim Ross). Her alliance with Sienna has become convenient for her vendetta. If the goal is to be top dog, Rosemary, Valkyrie and Kim have clear end goals. Sienna, while making brief alliances needs to reestablish herself as said top dog and remind everyone(specifically Valkyrie) of why she holds the title in the first place, which besides victory should be her main objective come Victory Road.

Global Forged carries on

Impact has long been a place for young up and coming stars to have an opportunity to shine bright and attain a platform to launch a successful wrestling career. ‘Gut Check’  from years ago was a way to highlight and give some unknown names a shot and while things certainly could have been executed better with the entire thing, sometimes a look is all someone needs. Two episodes in and no individual stands out thus far in terms of jumping off the page, but then again having this be a “from the ground up” scenario, the process is as if not more important than the destination, one that hopefully can give the company a next big star down the line.

All eyes on Johnny Impact

If Johnny Impact’s plan before he actually challenged and possibly won the GFW Championship was to prove he was a fighting champion than this week was night of bold gestures to say the least. Even with a random arrival by KM and then challenge, there was no reason other than pure arrogance (which Eli Drake has enough of for three people) to willingly put his title shot on the line, not once but twice. With Drake being in Mexico you would think a Chris Adonis would step up to the plate with the idea being taking Impact off the board completely or better, getting a title shot for himself.

I’m sure with Teaxno’s attitude towards Impact, he would have had no problem with a simple match with no title shot. But even with that being said, pulling double duty is no simple task, and his match with Texano was great and easily match of the night, emphasizing the point that Drake will have to elevate his game to another level if he wants to definitively retain at Victory Road, a match that will hopefully put this one to shame.

AAA invasion begins

As previously stated with the Knockouts, there is a line also being drawn between GFW and AAA. Names like Pagano and Texano have no qualms about just showing up and enforcing their will despite seemingly being guests. James Storm was the last person expected to come to help out EC3 of all people but he clearly did it in spite of him with respect shown to Eddie Edwards. The unfinished business between Storm and EC3 was too recent to brush off which made things even more interesting. Storm as pointed out by JB is one of the most loyal people to the company as a TNA original, even coming to Jeff Jarrett’s side against the uninteresting America Top Team. With the numbers even, I doubt AAA trio will have such an easy time asserting their agenda.

Tags: GFW, Impact Wrestling




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