GFW Talking Points 15th September 2017
By Marcus Green
Posted On 16-09-2017 06:31 GMT
Tags: GFW, Impact Wrestling

Trouble in Allie’s paradise

Earlier in the year when Allie finally broke free from the overbearing controlling clutches of Maria, Allie was on cloud nine after Braxton Sutter confessed his love and carried her off on a new journey. Unfortunately that journey is experiencing some major bumps. Allie now finds herself playing background and near second fiddle to Sutter who continues to try establish himself as a true singles competitor to no real shift in growth or momentum.

A few wins here and there mean nothing when he simply does not stand out in appearance or in the ring, and with no real feuds of any substance since Rockstar Spud last year Sutter in stuck in a rut. As a result his lashing out at poor Allie whose very presence may be a hindrance will not end well. There’s no question that both individuals need to pick-up steam, Allie needing to get regularly involved in the Knockouts Division which seems like a simple transition, while Sutter needs Impact fans to care outside of his connection with Allie.

An extreme problem for EC3

We were finally treated to an EC3 Grand Championship defense against a game El Hijo Del Fantasma. While I continue to be a fan of the title itself and the match format, I now am finding it hard to be invested outside of solid to better one off bouts. Admittedly the concept has drawbacks being the inability for gimmick or multi-man bouts but if properly executed can overcome those cons. This too could be linked to the fact that actual feuds around the title have been scarce as well. There was Rex/Godderz but in the end that was a waste. Moose garnered competition with an enjoyable reign but since losing the title has not had a proper rematch and worse seems to show little to no interest in regaining it. Perhaps it will take someone with the arrogance of an EC3 to put proper build behind the championship.

“The Extreme King” from AAA, Pagano seems to have a bone to pick and started with the great Carter, who received an unlikely ally in Eddie Edwards. He and Fantasma have an instant connection with AAA but even more we’ve not seen someone dive off into a true “hardcore” territory since the early days of Bram in the Impact Zone so if this new painted foe lives up to his moniker he could present EC3 with a new and exciting challenge.

The Caveman back on top

In a very entertaining Falls Count Anywhere match, Sonjay Dutt got to further settle his score with Trevor Lee, who decided not to invoke his “Konley” trump card until absolutely necessary. First off, this pairing of Lee and Konley is one of the more random things on this show these days. The only explanation we’ve gotten for this which is really not saying much is the announcers saying that both men are from Carolina. Konley needs something to do and unfortunately it seems like becoming X-Division Champion is not on list anytime soon. The apparent “if you can’t beat them, join them” plan applies. Dutt had a great build as champion and it’s unfortunate to see him lose like this, but now he will join the highly talented and deserving X-Cup winner Dezmond Xavier as men who have a target on Lee’s back. At least now Lee can walk around with the title after having actually won it.

LAX reign supreme in their backyard

LAX are hard enough to overcome without any additional advantages outside of the numbers game, but you put them in their home environment in a multi-man tag match which warrants the strategic chaos in which they thrive and them coming out on the losing end is highly unlikely. For a “clip-match” the four way was interesting despite the added teams feeling like a random upgrade. However the action was fun to see but even more so we got a taste of just how tough oVe are, kicking out of one of LAX’s several double teams moves. And while the Crist brothers got outnumbered after the match, it appears as though they plan to force LAX to give them another fair shot with some shenanigans of their own, as we know in wrestling turnabout is fair play.

Tags: GFW, Impact Wrestling




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