GFW Talking Points 8th September 2017
By Marcus Green
Posted On 09-09-2017 09:55 GMT
Tags: GFW, Impact Wrestling

oVe steps up to LAX

For weeks now Dave and Jake Crist have been making and impact(pun intended) inside the Impact Zone. From their debut they stood out both in presentation with masks, etc… as well as their in ring style further cemented by their brotherly bond. An actual brother tag team is certainly not uncommon but is quite interesting to see as that particular connection does not always make for a good tag team. oVe is a team that could flourish if allowed the chance, unlike what happened to the V.O.W., who started with some momentum, took the fight to LAX only to lose one title match and haven’t been seen or heard from since. And while they are not as interesting as an oVe to me, they are a solid team in terms of performance. Perhaps this new duo will lead to their reemergence.  

LAX has been consistently dominant and the fact that they take on all comers back-ups the bravado and makes their matches fun to watch. Taking a title match down to Mexico where they should have the edge definitely creates more intrigue and with so much of the landscape changing in the company, this kind of natural competition with logical build as in having both teams scout the other is what is needed as the division grows.

Grado dumps Laurel Van Ness

Sometimes in life desperate times call for desperate measures. For Grado, deportation was the problem and Laurel Van Ness was the solution. Unfortunately were he not on the clock if you will and done more research the fact that Van Ness is Canadian would have been the first and last red flag for her as an option. Now it seems that he will about to unleash the thought to be gone, “Hot mess Van Ness” upon us all once again. What comes of this is anyone’s guess.

GFW’s Triplemania experience

This company’s time which AAA’s TripleMania certainly had its highlights and lowlights, and anyone in tune with things that happen outside of the weekly televised tapings knows that one lowlight in particular that happened on this show and became a big news story. They touched on it in the video package but to spare details in length the situation was unfortunate all around and with huge cross promotional situations like this everyone wants things to go smooth as possible, including the fans. With that being said, seeing DJ Z get back in the ring was a true delight and he is to be commended for coming back from his ordeal.   

The aspect of a feud between Lashley and Moose coming out of this show is interesting as they already have well documented history. Moose needs some solid competition coming off his Grand Championship lost and Lashley is that and then some. Overall you cannot have “Global” in your promotion title and not branch out so with any luck or better yet good management on all sides, things like we’ve been seeing can continue for the positive and long term enhancement of all parties involved because growth should be the goal for any company.

Taya Valkyrie is here

The promos aired, telling of her arrival and when you talk about someone making an impact, Taya Valkyrie certainly did that. I mentioned the presentation aspect of oVe, it may seem small but it means a lot. If nothing else about Valkyrie caught your attention, her entrance sure did. It had a regal yet ominous vibe, one befitting of a name who has a lot of experience with potential to be a future GFW Women’s Champion. The Knockouts Division is another place where depth has lacked at times and with Gail Kim on her way out, names like Taryn Terrell and Valkyrie coming in stirs the pot in a good way, and when your first move for your debut is take out Rosemary the pot is surely stirred. 

Tags: GFW, Impact Wrestling




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