Evie Interview: "Support Independent Wrestling!"
New Zealand professional wrestler Evie, real name Cheree Crowley, depicts herself as a “hyper-happy-kicky-geeky pro wrestler chick”. In this extremely entertaining interview with Timothy Farnan, the current Impact Pro Wrestling New Zealand Women's Champion discusses a range of independent promotions, her distinctive style of wrestling and her ambition to be signed by an American wrestling promotion.

Gregory Iron Interview: "I Take Pride In Being The Best, Despite My Affliction"
In this candid, honest and awe-inspiring interview with Timothy Farnan, Gregory Iron discusses his condition as the only wrestler in the world with Cerebral Palsy, coping with bullying at an early age, achieving his goal of becoming a professional wrestler, his reaction to being endorsed by CM Punk and his desire to work for the WWE...

Melanie Price Interview: "I'm Ready To Take On Whatever They Throw At Me!"
Melanie Price is currently preparing herself for TNA British Bootcamp Series 2. The self-proclaimed ‘It Girl’ and valet for Futureshock Wrestling’s tag team The Models is one of 9 female hopefuls,competing for a TNA Impact Wrestling contract. Can Melanie follow in Rockstar Spud’s footsteps? In this exclusive interview with Timothy Farnan, Melanie Price discusses her excitement for the show, her love of being a valet, her reaction to being FSM’s centrefold and her admiration for Rockstar Spud and Fergal Devitt.

The Rough Guide To Violence Pt. II - Abdullah The Butcher
The second part of James Truepenny's violent series documents the career of Abdullah The Butcher. The Butcher's fork-wielding story features an all-star cast including legends such as Hulk Hogan, Mick Foley, Andre The Giant and Bruiser Brody.

WWE Summer Slam 2014- 10 Talking Points
Following last night's Summer Slam pay-per-view, Ben Spindler picks out his 10 talking points from the biggest night of the Summer wrestling calendar...

Zach Gowen Interview: "My Only Tangible Goal Is To Plant A Seed Of Inspiration"
In this explosive, exclusive interview with Timothy Farnan, Zach Gowen discusses fighting cancer, his dream to compete against Sabu, his WWE run, overcoming his drug addiction and his recently released documentary ‘Finding Zach Gowen’.

The Rough Guide To Violence Pt.I - Motor City Madness
The first part of James Truepenny's latest feature covers the violent history of wrestling in Detroit. Legendary names such as The Original Sheik, "Wild" Bill Curry and Bobo Brazil are all detailed in this guide to madness in Motor City.

Marti Belle Interview "I think when the timing is right, you'll see me there"
After competing at TNA’s second Knockouts Knockdown PPV, could we see Marti Belle soon making her debut for TNA? In this exclusive interview with Timothy Farnan, Marti Belle discusses a range of topics including her possible future with TNA, performing at Knockouts Knockdown 2, tagging with WWE alumni Jazz, competing with TNA’s latest Knockout (Jessica Havock) and her opinion on Total Divas.

"I Want To Be Number 1"- Sassy Stephanie Interview
In this exclusive interview with Timothy Farnan, Sassy Stephanie discusses various independent promotions, Kharma, Jessicka Havock, Sara Del Rey, Maria Kanellis, Natalya Neidhart, The Shield and much more.

All For One And One For All - New Japan's Three Musketeers (Part 3)
In the third and final part of James Truepenny's epic series, he looks back at the end of The Three Musketeers:the biggest stars in Japanese wrestling - Keiji Mutoh, Masa Chono and Shinya Hashimoto...

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