The Rough Guide To Violence Pt. VIII - South Philly Magic
James Truepenny's Rough Guide To Violence returns with his look at Philadelphia's hardcore wrestling scene, Mick Foley's epic encounters with Eddie Gilbert, the feud between The Original Sheik and Abdullah The Butcher and more...

The Very Best of WWE Survivor Series
Ahead of WWE Survivor Series 2014, count down the best Survivor Series PPVs with Jake Gilbert before looking at his list of the greatest main events in the history of the annual show...

The Rough Guide To Violence Pt. VII - The Death of FMW
The Rough Guide To Violence returns with James Truepenny's look at the closing days of FMW. Atsushi Onita, Terry Funk, Mick Foley, Taka Michinoku and the first ever Women's No Rope Exploding Barbed Wire Double Hell Death Match star in this latest installment...

The Rough Guide To Violence Pt. VI - Survival; W*ING, IWA Japan & Omissions from Sanity
James Truepenny presents the sixth chapter of his Rough Guide To Violence as he talks W*ING, IWA Japan and more FMW madness from Atsushi Onita. The thumbtack studded cast includes WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley and former ECW greats Mike Awesome and Masato Tanaka...

The Rough Guide To Violence Pt. V - Double Hell Death
James Truepenny returns with the latest chapter of his Rough Guide To Violence series. It's time to learn about The Original Sheik's nephew Sabu and his time in FMW. Tables are hit with moonsaults, Double Hell Death Electrified Barbed Wire matches are held in forests and "the biggest gaijin attraction of all time" is revealed...

LuFisto Interview: “Wrestling is more than entertainment or a sport: it’s a way of life"
For the past seventeen years, LuFisto has worked for a variety of wrestling promotions. The current Women Superstars Uncensored Champion is also one half of SHIMMER Women Athletes’ popular tag team Lu-Kana and an influential backstage figure for all-female promotion NCW Femmes Fatales. In this exclusive interview with Timothy Farnan, LuFisto discusses her hardcore past, contemplating retirement in 2007, her current role in NCW Femmes Fatales and her 2013 spell in AAA.

The Rough Guide To Violence Pt. IV - FMW & Death Match Kings
In the fourth chapter of his Rough Guide To Violence series, James Truepenny documents the journey of Atsushi Onita into the shoot fighting vs. pro wrestling world of FMW, the very first No Rope Barbed Wire Double Hell Death Match and more. "FMW stood for innovation, violence and blood by the bucket load..."

Crazzy Steve Interview: "Crazzy Steve Is Not A Character- It Is Who I Am"
Crazzy Steve, the unpredictable and erratic member of The Menagerie, is currently impressing wrestling fans in a range of X Division contests. In this exclusive interview with Timothy Farnan, Crazzy Steve discusses his undeniable affection for the X Division and his desire to face an array of former TNA World Heavyweight Champions.

Faith Lehaine Interview: "It is a great time to be a part of the British wrestling scene"
In this compelling interview with Timothy Farnan, Faith Lehaine discusses the current rebranding of Leicester Championship Wrestling Roses, her natural chemistry with tag team partner Nadia Sapphire, comparisons to The Beautiful People and being unable to commit to TNA’s second series of British Boot Camp.

The Rough Guide To Violence Pt.III - Know Your Gimmick Matches
James Truepenny's Rough Guide To Violence returns with a look back at the history of wrestling gimmick matches. Feud ending stipulations such as the Steel Cage Match, Hair vs. Hair and War Games all feature in the Sheriff's latest feature.

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