The Forgotten Tag Teams Pt. VIII - Steamboat's 12 Titles
James Truepenny's feature series continues as he looks at the career of "one of the world's most underrated tag wrestlers, Ricky The Dragon Steamboat"...

The Forgotten Tag Teams Pt. VII - Gedo & Jado: World Class
"They wrestled for UWA, W*ING, FMW, NJPW and NOAH, and were mutli-time champions. This is the story of The World Class Tag Team." James Truepenny's Forgotten Tag Teams series continues with his look at the careers of current NJPW bookers Gedo and Jado...

The Forgotten Tag Teams Pt. VI - The New Zealand Sheepherders
"They were an established, internationally renowned tag team who wrestled all over the NWA territories, New Japan Pro Wrestling, WCW, and WWC." James Truepenny looks at the careers of Luke Williams and Butch Miller before they were known as The Bushwhackers...

The Forgotten Tag Teams Pt. V - The Royal Brothers
"They were the precursor to the teams like The Young Bucks, The American Wolves, and Time Splitters; literally years ahead of their time..." James Truepenny's look at Forgotten Tag Teams continues with British legends, The Royal Brothers...

The Forgotten Tag Teams Pt. IV - Las Cachorras Orientales
"My second choice may be somewhat more obscure. In any other era, Mima Shimoda and Etsuko Mita would have been major stars in any company anywhere in the world..." James Truepenny's look at forgotten tag teams continues with Las Cachorras Orientales...

The Forgotten Tag Teams Pt. III - Rebuilding The Connection
James Truepenny presents the third installment of his latest feature series. "The Connection had to rebuild again. Going into the winter of 1991 they were still one of the favourites for The Strongest Determination Tag League..."

The Forgotten Tag Teams Pt. II - Doc & Gordy's Dominance Continues
"Their introductory year having been so successful, they needed to cement that work and regain the titles..." Doc & Gordy's journey continues as James Truepenny looks back at The Miracle Violence Connection once again...

The Forgotten Tag Teams Pt. I - The Miracle Violence Connection
The Sheriff of Parts Unknown's latest feature series will see pro wrestling's forgotten tag teams investigated. First up is the team of Steve Williams and Terry Gordy; The Miracle Violence Connection...

The Rough Guide To Violence Pt. X - When Hardcore Goes Mainstream
The Rough Guide To Violence concludes with James Truepenny's look back at the epic feature series which saw The Sheriff of Parts Unknown venture into the "darkest, damndest and most dastardly matches pro wrestling has had to offer over the last 100 years" before looking at mainstream wrestling flirtations with hardcore over the years...

The Rough Guide To Violence Pt. IX - How To Build A Monster
"When I started this series, I wanted to avoid ECW at all costs. Not through any other reason than it has been documented so well by other people..." All fans of James Truepenny's Rough Guide To Violence will be delighted to learn that his hardcore journey has taken an unexpected detour to ECW as The Sheriff of Parts Unknown offers a unique insight into Summer Sizzler 1993 and Paul Heyman's impact on the company...

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